Knowing the Two Metrics of Data Recovery

February 1, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

The first 10 days within the occurrence of a massive data loss in the organization are critical to its survival. The amount and quality of data recovered can spell the difference between its survival and eventual closure. That’s why it’s critical to know the two kinds of metrics that measure your company’s capabilities to recover lost data in cases of crises, damage, or a breach. One checks the speed by which the entire system can get back on track, as well as the rate by which the data is recovered. The other assesses the extent of the data that is being recovered.

Before implementing a new Backup Recovery System or upgrading your current one, evaluate how these new products can be measured according to these two categories. It will make a difference in restoring your business continuity in the event of data loss. Read on for more. – Cora Llamas


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